If You Want a Signed and Inscribed Copy of The Tao of Bill Murray

final-cover-artSo you’ve read the reviews and you want to buy a copy of The Tao of Bill Murray for yourself or a loved one, but you want it signed by the author (i.e., me)–what’s your winning strategy? The answer is “Get in touch with the cool people at Park Road Books in Charlotte, North Carolina.” They will be happy to sell you a copy of the book and ship it to you, and I will be equally happy to come by the store and sign it (or even to personalize it with your name, or the name of someone you love, or the name “Natasha” just because you like how that sounds).

Call them up at 704-525-9239, or if you’d rather email them, drop them a line at orders@parkroadbooks.com. Tell ’em I say hi.

If a signature isn’t important to you or if you want the book faster, you have other options, of course: you can buy the book from Random House, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Powell’s, or your local bookstore. Or you can get it as an impossible-to-sign audiobook.

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