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final-cover-artMy book, The Tao of Bill Murray: Real-Life Stories of Joy, Enlightenment, and Party Crashing, is out on Tuesday, September 20th (brought to you by the good people at Random House). The LA Weekly has already offered their opinion: “invite yourself to the party, put on some music, drop some coin and buy the book.” Still not sure? Try watching this amazing four-minute trailer for the book.

Want a copy of The Tao of Bill Murray for yourself or a loved one? You can get the book from Random House, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Powell’s, or your local bookstore. Or if you’re interested in an audio copy (six hours and 47 minutes of me reading the unabridged text), this page will lead you to your favorite audiobook purveyor. And then, as Bill once ad-libbed, “you’re on a gravy train with biscuit wheels.”

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  1. Rose Says:

    I know Billy only through his friendship with one of the main directors of Second City. Del died, but Billy had taken him to the Hospital and was paying for the care Del needed. I was invited by Billy, in an email, to come and visit Del there, before he died. I was not able to.
    I wanted to see him.
    After Del passed a coo-coo woman claimed for years that Del’s head was given to theaters and it was years before anyone knew the truth.
    Del’s head/Skull was buried with him when he died. Billy may have taken care of that as well.
    I almost died from a rare form of cancer in my 30’s. Del may have saved my life. He told Billy – I was an Angel- and from heaven.
    Why else, would I have been invited, by Billy to come and visit Del when he was on his death bed. Del also gave one of his kitties.
    I even still have old video tapes of Del doing classes and teaching Improv to people wanting to be invited to audition and join the cast
    from the 80’s. One has Ellen De Generes on it.

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