Rolling in the Deep: 9/23/14

rs1218If you’ve been waiting for me to post here to see what I’ve been up to lately for Rolling Stone, then happy days are here again! I attended the Made in America festival, the VMAs, an Ed Sheeran concert, and the Simpsons gala at the Hollywood Bowl. I wrote half of a list about the best bands to come from college football towns, and the whole list of sidekicks who are speechless (most or all of the time). But you might particularly enjoy two interviews with living legends: one is with XKCD creator Randall Munroe (about his #1 national bestseller What If) and the other is with singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen (about his 13th studio album, Popular Problems). (The Cohen Q&A is actually a companion piece to a short profile I wrote of Cohen; that’ll be appearing in the print magazine this week, and online sometime soon.)

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