Happiness is Obiter Dicta

lucyscaliaI realized the other day that Antonin Scalia is a real-life Lucy Van Pelt: the funniest and meanest member of the gang, happy to make up facts as necessary, a fussbudget before all else. So what are the other parallels between the sitting members of the Supreme Court and the Peanuts kids?

Anthony Kennedy is Charlie Brown, for the wishy-washiness. Ruth Ginsburg is Linus Van Pelt, for the general warmth towards humanity and for the blanket, which could clearly be adapted into a ruffled collar in a pinch. Samuel Alito is Violet–working in the mold of Scalia/Lucy, but not as memorably. John Roberts is Snoopy, for the ability to argue both sides of any issue and for being able to impose his own desired reality on those around him. Clarence Thomas is Woodstock: largely silent, interpreted only by Snoopy.

My final three parallels are vaguer (or more instinctive, if you prefer): Sonia Sotamayor seems like Schroeder to me, on the basis of passion; Elena Kagan is Marcie, mostly because of the haircut; while Stephen Breyer is Shermy, earned by being the most forgettable member of the group.

If you would have assigned them differently, or if you have nominations for past Justices, let me know in the comments.

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