Incredible Deal on Last Night at the Viper Room

lastnightsmallIf you read books on a Kindle, or via Kindle software on your phone or your tablet of choice, and if you never got around to my most recent book, Last Night at the Viper Room: River Phoenix and the Hollywood He Left Behind (which the LA Weekly called “enormously compelling”–more reviews here), then you are in luck. Amazon is having a one-day sale: today only, you can buy the electronic version of Last Night at the Viper Room for just $2.99. Purchase, download, read, enjoy!

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2 Comments on Incredible Deal on Last Night at the Viper Room

  1. Rollyn Stafford Says:

    Dear Mr. Edwards,

    I just finished reading “Last Night at the Viper Room” and I loved it! I am currently a student at Vancouver Film School and if you should ever be in town, I’d like to to buy you a drink and talk about movies. Thanks for this great book!

    Rollyn Stafford

  2. Gavin Says:

    Thanks, Rollyn!

    I don’t get up to Vancouver very often (the last time I was there, The X-Files was still in production), but it’s a beautiful city, and so I hope I can take you up on your offer soon….

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