Friday Foto: Empty Garden

I am not generally a superstitious man. I don’t think twice about the number 13, black cats, or the danger to my mother’s spine should I step on the wrong section of sidewalk. But the last couple of years, I have had a private Beatles-related superstition. It started when I bought a set of four pint glasses, each decorated with the image of a different Beatle (circa Let It Be). Every time I stacked the dishwasher, where glassware sometimes goes to die, I worried that if the John Lennon glass was the first one to break, it would be a spooky reprise of his being the first Beatle to die. I wasn’t obsessed with this–if I had been, I could have just put John on a high shelf–but it was a frequent, brief, morbid thought.

Last week, I knocked the John glass off my desk. It landed on a carpet, but broke anyway. I know it’s just glass and there was a 25% chance of this happening, but I am officially a little weirded out. If the next glass to break is George Harrison’s, then I will actually put the final two away, because I don’t want to be responsible for a kitchen mishap designating either Paul or Ringo to be the next Beatle to die.

IMG_7979Inspirational wisdom from Run-D.M.C.: “There’s three of us but we’re not the Beatles.”

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  1. Hieronymus Says:

    A similar thing happened to me: I used to have four Beatles postcards, each depicting a Beatle in a different phase of their career: John in 1957, Paul in 1964, George in 1967, and Ringo in 1969. The postcards sat in my bookcase. One day I came home to find that John had fallen. I picked it up, thinking, Heh, this would be spooky if it was December 8th. I put the card back on the shelf–and then noticed that the book right behind it was Fenton Bresler’s “Who Killed John Lennon?”


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