Tomato! (Tohmahto!)

Shaun White is on the halfpipe today in Sochi (no spoilers here!). If you want to flash back to his first Olympic triumph, eight years ago, you can read my Rolling Stone cover story on the Flying Tomato here. “I need a Crunk Juice glass with diamonds on it,” he told me. Something that didn’t fit into the article: I was in the green room of Regis and Kelly with Shaun White and his entourage, as were INXS, who had just recruited a new lead singer, J. D. Fortune, via the Rock Star: INXS TV show. Fortune worked the room, shaking everybody’s hand, clearly thrilled to be there, while the veteran members of the band kept to themselves, vaguely glowering from being awake too early. I was very careful to not identify myself as a representative of Rolling Stone to Fortune, because I was afraid that if I did, he would try to tell me his life story.

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