Rolling in the Deep, 11/19/13

nayacoverPerhaps you’d like to know what I’ve been writing lately? I can’t share all of it with you, but I can tell you what’s appeared on the Rolling Stone website in the past week: More Naya Rivera (basically, all the good stuff from our conversation that didn’t fit into my flip-cover RS profile of her). More Key & Peele: a short item setting up a video clip of a sketch they did about intergalactic funk. A list of Mike Tyson pop-culture cameos. (I once talked with Flea about Tyson, whom the bassist idolized. He said that he had met him once, and that Tyson hadn’t said much–which Flea took as evidence that he was incredibly deep, although he conceded there were other reasonable interpretations.) If you read one piece, however, I would suggest my interview with M.I.A.’s supercool DJ, Venus X.

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