Rolling in the Deep, 11/11/13

nayacoverAnother week goes by, which means I have more articles in Rolling Stone, both the print magazine and this new-fangled website thingy. By far my most-viewed item this past week was a short take on the PBS documentary about Jimi Hendrix. But I also interviewed Jill Cunniff of the groovy Luscious Jackson (back with their first album in fourteen years) and Naya Rivera of Glee (in print, she’s currently appearing as the flip-cover where the obverse image is the late Lou Reed–but check out how the web version has a picture of her wearing the garment I write about in the first sentence!). If I could recommend just one piece, however, I would steer you towards my Q&A with the sketch-comedy geniuses known as Key and Peele. Enjoy!

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