Rolling in the Deep, 10/21/13

I did another list for the Rolling Stone website last week, on the twelve most Canadian things about Neil Young (who was born north of the border but has lived in the States for many decades now). Some Canadians have taken exception to the list, and as far as I can tell they have two primary objections: (1) “Lorries” is a Britishism, not a Canadianism. This is a fair point, and is why I put that item immediately following the “God Save the Queen” item, as part of the nation’s British heritage, but I agree it could have been clearer. (2) In the context of discussing Mr. Young’s fashion sense, I use the phrase “lumberjack from Saskatchewan.” This is seen as Canada-ignorant by some people who have pointed out that Saskatchewan has relatively few trees. To them I say this: That’s how good the lumberjacks in Saskatchewan are.

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