Many Rivers to Cross

lastnightsmallMy new book, Last Night at the Viper Room: River Phoenix and the Hollywood He Left Behind, is out tomorrow. It is easy to obtain from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Powell’s–or mere hours from now, you can walk into your local bookseller, give them some money, and leave with the book under your arm. “But Gavin,” you say, “I’d really like to read some of the book first to see how I like it.” In that case, you are in luck, because there are two excerpts available online right now. Grantland is running the chapter about the making of My Own Private Idaho, which was both one of River’s greatest achievements and his ultimate downfall, while the Vanity Fair website is running the chapter that follows soon after, centered on the making of Sneakers. (My profound thanks to both sites–I’m honored that they chose to host these excerpts.) Check them out!

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