Through the Walls You Hear the City Groan

Where is “Bullet the Blue Sky” set? I always assumed the United States–mostly because of the way Bono keeps saying “Outside is America.” But just recently I tracked on the lyric in Bono’s rap:

You take the staircase to the first floor

And thought it was an amusing Irish mistake–here in the U.S.A., pal, we walk through the front door right into the first floor, the way the founding fathers intended! But if I’m being fair to Bono (which I suppose I should be, since it’s a leap year), the song is about the heavy weight of America in an impoverished country; e.g., “across the mud huts where the children sleep.” (Apparently, it was inspired by a trip Bono took to El Salvador.) America is outside, but it’s not inside–so the song may describe a tesseract.

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2 Comments on Through the Walls You Hear the City Groan

  1. Chris M. Says:

    Madeline L’Engle reference FTW.

    I always assumed the staircase lyric was Bono doing an homage to the McCartney bridge in Lennon’s “A Day in the Life.”

  2. Eric Says:

    I seem to recall that the first floor and the ground floor in European buildings are two separate things. Could that be the case in El Salvador, too?

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