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This One I Used a Full Keyboard

A short Q&A with the mighty Joe Perry.

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The First Article I’ve Ever Typed and Filed on My Phone

Is this: my short report on the Aerosmith press conference today. While I was waiting to interview the band afterwards (followup article soon), I wrote a rough draft on paper, typed it up, emailed it in, and hello world.

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Friday Foto: Santa Fe

On the 1868 Soldiers’ Memorial in the center of the town square of Santa Fe: Apparently the word that’s been chiseled out is “savage.”

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Through the Walls You Hear the City Groan

Where is “Bullet the Blue Sky” set? I always assumed the United States–mostly because of the way Bono keeps saying “Outside is America.” But just recently I tracked on the lyric in Bono’s rap: You take the staircase to the first floor And thought it was an amusing Irish mistake–here in the U.S.A., pal, we […]

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