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Another excerpt from the Andy Warhol Diaries. 

Monday, May 29, 1978

We walked over to have lunch at One Fifth, and on the way we saw Patti Smith in a bowler hat buying food for her cat. I invited her thinking she’d say no, but she said, “Great.” When we walked in, there was the number-one bestseller Fran Lebowitz sitting with Lisa Robinson. One Fifth is pretty–bright and chintzy.

Patti didn’t want to eat too much, so she ate half my lunch. She said she only loves blonds and that she wanted to have an affair with a blond. All I could think about was her b.o.–she wouldn’t be bad-looking if she would wash up and glue herself together a little better. She’s still skinny. She’s with a gallery now, doing drawings and writing poetry. The Robert Miller Gallery.

She had a baby, she said–that’s why she originally left New Jersey, and she said that the baby was adopted on Rittenhouse Square. She called it “it” and David [Bourdon] asked her what “it” was and she said a girl. She reminds me a lot of Ivy [Nicholson]–everything was put on. She said she was in Italy the day [Aldo] Moro was kidnapped and that she and Moro were the big things on Italian TV that day. She said she didn’t take drugs in the sixties, that she’d only started recently, and just for work.

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