Half of What I Say Is Meaningless

From the Andy Warhol Diaries, an account of an evening spent with Julia Scorsese (who was then married to Martin Scorsese–they split later the same year). By the time it opened on Broadway, Shine It On had been renamed The Act. Barbara Feldon was best known for playing Agent 99 on Get Smart.

Sunday, July 10, 1977

Julia was driving me crazy, sometimes when I’d catch her eye she looked just like Valerie Solanas, and then she also acts like Viva…When we got to Serendipity, Barbara Feldon was there. Julia started doing what I hate more than anything, patting my head all the time. She drove me crazy. And she kept trying to fix me up with her girlfriend who was tall and kind of pretty, and it was them saying “You’re so wonderful wonderful wonderful” to me for hours, and I didn’t know what to do. Since I told her they didn’t have liquor, she brought champagne. I don’t understand these girls, they talk and say things and I don’t know what they’re doing….

She said that Marty has coke problems and he got blood poisoning and now he takes medicine to clean himself out. He’s cutting three movies now. She said she wrote a lot of Taxi Driver. I started saying people act like it’s the directors and the producers and the writers who make a movie when it’s actually the stars, and she took offense saying her husband had created Bobby De Niro and Harvey Keitel and some other people. But I said they were new faces and people always want to see new faces. Marty is now in Chicago doing a musical called Shine It On with Liza.

She said that she gave Robert Altman the idea to film A Wedding in Chicago, to take it out of L.A. and give it a different atmosphere. The producers gave her three days off, she said, so I took that to mean she must have been driving them crazy. Julia was getting a little too drunk. She dumped her pocketbook on the table and all the credit cards spilled out. She went to the bathroom and I put them back in (dinner $70).

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