Better Living Through Chemistry

rs1092.jpgByline alert: I have a short article in the new Rolling Stone on My Chemical Romance making their new album. They’re in the mixing-and-polishing stage now: I watched lead singer Gerard Way do some heavy-duty multi-tracking to sweeten the song “Trans Am” with backing vocals that he described as “1.2 seconds of Queen.”

Once again, the article isn’t available online, so if you’d like to read it, check out p. 22 of the latest issue (#1092).

Two side notes that didn’t fit into the article: (1) Gerard Way is a very fine comics writer–check out his series The Umbrella Academy, which is a surreal, funny tale of adoptive children, superheroes, time travel, mass murder, and talking monkeys. (2) The studio where MCR recorded their album has at various points over the past century been the offices for Charlie Chaplin, A&M Records, and Jim Henson. You can identify it from the street by the statue of Kermit the Frog wearing a Chaplin outfit.

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