Friday Foto: Flipwalk #44

The flipwalks are more about space than time. When I look at them now, I remember the environment of downtown New York City, rather than the particular day I took a walk, but sometimes reading my notes will remind me of a time when I was jetlagged or bored or cheerful.

(If you’re not familiar with the flipwalk project: while living in New York City, I took walks of exactly one hour in duration, my route determined along the way by flipping a coin. Then I would take a photograph of whatever block I was on when the hour was up.)

This day was unusual, because it was a very important day in Michael Jackson’s life, and that knowledge seemed to be in the air wherever I went.


That’s the teaser image; for the full photograph, plus the story of how I got there (and what was the deal with Michael Jackson), click here.

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