Be a Standing Cinema

Another excerpt from The Andy Warhol Diaries, this time about the first-place cabin during an airplane ride from Los Angeles to New York:

Tuesday, March 29, 1977
John Travolta from
Welcome Back, Kotter walked by, sort of said hi to me, sat in front of me. Paddy Chayevsky told the stewardess he wanted to sleep during the trip, not to wake him up, but he woke up five minutes after the plane was in the air.

John Travolta kept going to the bathroom, coming out with his eyes bright red, drinking orange juice and liquor in a paper cup, and he put his head in a pillow and started crying. I saw him reading a script, too, so I thought he was acting. Really cute and sensitive-looking, very tall, comes off looking too fairy-ish, like too many people around now, but very good-looking. You can see the magic in him. I asked the stewardess why he was crying and she said “death in the family,” so I thought it was a mother or father, until I picked up the paper at home and found out that it was Diana Hyland who’d died of cancer at forty-one, soap-opera queen, his steady date.

Dropped Fred and Todd Brassner (cab $27). Cab fares had gone up.

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  1. Tom Nawrocki Says:

    Diana Hyland was of course best known at that time for being the mom on “Eight Is Enough,” Andy, you heartless thing, you.

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