Big Shots

A few more excerpts from the Andy Warhol Diaries, these featuring Mick and Bianca Jagger:

Saturday, December 25, 1976:
Mick sat down next to Bob Colacello and put his arm around him and offered him a pick-me-up, and Bob said, “Why yes, I am rather tired,” and just as he was about to get it, Yoko and John Lennon walked in and Mick was so excited to see them that he ran over with the spoon that he was about to put under Bob’s nose and put it under John Lennon’s.

Thursday, February 17, 1977 (Los Angeles):
The big people, Sue Mengers and Ryan O’Neal, didn’t arrive, they told Bianca that they couldn’t “be seen at tacky places like Mr. Chow’s.” Bianca took us to On the Rox, owned by Lou Adler. When we got there it was Ringo Starr and Alice Cooper. I’m not saying they were the only
celebrities there–they were the only people there, and they were in the john.

Sunday, February 20, 1977 (Los Angeles):
We got to the house and Bianca was there. She’d had a fight with Mick and he’d left that morning for New York–she’d accused him of an affair with Linda Ronstadt.

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