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Andy Warhol, Pusherman

Time for another excerpt from The Andy Warhol Diaries. Jade is the daughter of Bianca and Mick Jagger. Sunday, January 8, 1978 I read The New York Times at Halston’s, he was at the office. Someone called Bianca and she was on the phone for an hour talking about her problems… she was talking about […]

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Andy Warhol, Movie Critic

Another excerpt from the Andy Warhol Diaries. The other person in “we” is Bianca Jagger: Tuesday, January 3, 1978 We cabbed up to 86th Street ($2.75) and we finally hit Saturday Night Fever at the right time and were able to get in. Well, the movie was just great. That bridge thing was the best […]

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More and More About Some Useless Information

Another Warhol diary entry starring Bianca Jagger, this time featuring Jade, her daughter with Mick. At the time of this entry, Jade was five years old. Thursday, April 21, 1977 Went with Bob to pick up Bianca to take her to a dinner that Sandy Milliken was giving at his loft in Soho and Jade […]

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Like to Take a Cement Fix

For your reading pleasure on this hot Monday, an episode in celebrity medicine from The Andy Warhol Diaries: Sunday, December 19, 1976 Went to work (magazines and newspapers for week $26). Lou Reed called and that was the drama of the day. He’d come back from a successful tour, he was a big hit in […]

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Big Shots

A few more excerpts from the Andy Warhol Diaries, these featuring Mick and Bianca Jagger: Saturday, December 25, 1976: Mick sat down next to Bob Colacello and put his arm around him and offered him a pick-me-up, and Bob said, “Why yes, I am rather tired,” and just as he was about to get it, […]

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