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Nonergonomic Choices

Consider, if you will, the opening lines to Air Supply’s #2 hit from 1980, “All Out of Love”: I’m lying alone, with my head on the phone / Thinking of you ’til it hurts Dude, that pain isn’t from a broken heart–it’s because you’re trying to use a telephone as a pillow.

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Recourse to the Law

I recently wondered what album had the highest differential between the times I listened to before my high school graduation to times I listened to it after that. The answer, I decided, was Pink Floyd’s The Final Cut. It was one of the first three albums I ever owned, and was in heavy rotation in […]

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Life Is a Former Portugese Colony

Of all the songs likely to name-check the African country of Mozambique, I would have put Tom Cochrane’s catchy but lunkheaded 1991 hit “Life Is a Highway” fairly low on the list. But last week I actually paid attention to the verses, for the first time ever, and there it is: From Mozambique to those […]

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Another Unlikely Lyric

I’ve been listening to U2’s “I Will Follow” for over 25 years (not continuously). But only recently did I pay attention to this lyric: Your eyes make a circle Two eyes, of course, make a line. So I am forced to conclude that the person whom Bono is addressing has more than two eyes. Actually, […]

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Unlikely Lyrics

The first installment in an irregular series of posts, highlighting some of the more improbable lyrics I run across. Writing about “Always on My Mind” got me listening to my old Pet Shop Boys albums. Generally, they hold up really well, but Introspective does have a few clunkers. Neil Tennant mispronounces “Debussy.” He fails to […]

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