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1988 Countdown: Demographics on Parade

Since we’re halfway done with the countdown, it seemed like an opportune moment to update the demographics of the fifty videos played so far: United States: 30 England: 10 US/UK joint ventures: 4 Australia: 4 New Zealand: 1 Sweden: 1 White: 40 Black: 10 Male: 37 Female: 13 Solo acts: 31 Groups: 19 Number of […]

posted 17 August 2010 in 1988. 4 comments

1988 Countdown: Demographic Breakdown

Okay, now that we’re one-quarter of the way through the countdown, let’s break down some of the numbers for those top 25 videos (not counting the bonus clips from Def Leppard and U2): United States: 14 England: 6 US/UK joint ventures: 2 Australia: 2 New Zealand: 1 White: 21 Black: 4 Male: 17 Female: 8 […]

posted 6 November 2008 in 1988. 1 comment

1988 Countdown: Some Statistics

I’m actually on the road today, so video #76 will have to wait until next week. But to tide you over, I thought I’d share a few stats about the 1988 charts. There was quite a bit of turnover: 32 different songs hit #1 on the Billboard charts. (The most ever was 35, a mark […]

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Cats, Girls, Charts

My favorite web comic is still Cat and Girl. Here’s something I wrote about it a few years ago that never got published: Like the world needed another comic strip about a human being living with a sassy, anthropomorphic cat. But this time, the cat has a chronic paint-drinking addiction (“It’s my major source of […]

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