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Friday Foto: Flipwalk #31

I’ve added flipwalk #31 to the 48 Hours from Ground Zero section. A teaser image: A tip of the hat to artist Julian Opie, who’s done some of my favorite public artworks of the past few years. I’m also pleased (and a little surprised) to say that I’ve found my missing notes, and have accordingly […]

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Friday Foto: Flipwalks #27-30

This is a little embarrassing. When I moved across the country last year, I misplaced some of the notes and supporting materials relating to my flipwalks. Specifically, I don’t seem to have any information on flipwalks #28, 29, and 30. (I do have a notebook that seems to have all my notes on flipwalks 31 […]

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Friday Foto: Flipwalk #27

Returning once again to February 2005: The photo and report for my twenty-seventh flipwalk can be found here. David Adam Edelstein was generous enough (and obsessive enough) to make a map of my first twenty-five flipwalks. Check it out and see all the places I ended up, and how they cluster. And then go visit […]

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Friday Foto: Flipwalk #26

I’m delighted to say that after a hiatus of several years, I’ve returned to my flipwalks. If you’re not familiar with my flipwalk project, you can click here for the whole “48 Hours From Ground Zero” gallery. The short version is that while living in New York City, I would leave my house and determine […]

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