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Live! One Night Only!

Hey, Los Angelenos! I will be appearing at the Pop-Hop Bookshop tonight! It is in Highland Park, and it is filled with goodness (and books)! I will be talking with Jennifer Keishin Armstrong–she’ll be reading from Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted, while I’ll do anĀ  excerpt from VJ. There will be conversation about […]

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Pop Hop You Don’t Stop

Good people of Los Angeles and its surrounding regions: I will be at the Pop-Hop Bookshop next Thursday, July 11th. And I will not just be shopping: in the service of the bestselling VJ: The Unplugged Adventures of MTV’s First Wave, I will be appearing with Jennifer Keishin Armstrong, author of Mary and Lou and […]

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People Really Win on MTV

I am somewhere between ecstatic and doing backflips: VJ has officially hit The New York Times best seller list. It’s #25 on the extended hardcover nonfiction list, #15 on the ebook nonfiction list, and #25 on the extended combined print and ebook nonfiction list. The point being: this is awesome news, and since I’ve been […]

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Shell Shocked

You have probably already heard the news of Michelle Shocked’s onstage meltdown and rant against gay marriage, which seems to have put the kibosh on her current tour, and possibly her career. Previously, she was not just a warrior for progressive politics, but imbued with a generous spirit towards humanity, which makes this descent into […]

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Saturday Morning’s Alright for Posting Elton John News

I had the pleasure of having tea with Sir Elton John yesterday. (Well, I had actually had mac and cheese plus a Diet Coke, but he had a cup of tea, so I think it counts.) The occasion was a small listening party for his forthcoming album (his thirtieth!), The Diving Board. It’s not out […]

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America the Beautiful

Ray Charles America, a documentary I worked on earlier this year, debuts tonight on the Biography Channel at 8 pm Eastern / 5 pm Pacific (and then promptly repeats three times in a row). I’m credited as “consulting producer,” which means that I helped in various ways, including interviewing a half-dozen or so of the […]

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Michael Jackson

When the news of Michael Jackson’s death started to leak out, I was on a plane to Texas. So I missed those first few hours of conflicting reports–what I got was a flat announcement from a woman with a cell phone one row in front of me, ten seconds after the plane hit the Dallas […]

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Blue Plate Crab Special

I had hoped to return to the 1988 countdown today, but it looks like that’ll be delayed another week; my apologies. In the meantime, since Phil Spector is in the news this week, having been convicted of the murder of Lana Clarkson, may I direct you to this long, fascinating email I got from him […]

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R.I.P. Millard Kaufman

Two years ago, I interviewed Millard Kaufman, then 90 years old, for Rolling Stone‘s “Hot Issue.” The category: Hot Debut Novelist. I was very sorry to hear that Kaufman died on Saturday (at age 92); he was a gentleman and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting him. My short article on him and his fully lived life […]

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Scraps DeSelby

Some of you already know this: Scraps (Soren) DeSelby had a serious hemorrhagic stroke on Monday and is currently in the ICU. In addition to being a frequent and quick-witted commenter here, he’s a good friend; I’m fervently hoping for a speedy and complete recovery, and feel helpless being on the other side of the […]

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