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Trick a Chick in Miami

I’m afraid I’ve never interviewed Esperanza Spalding, but with 109 Grammy awards handed out yesterday, I was bound to have written about some of the winners. I’ll add my Mavis Staples (Best Americana Album) and Green Day (Best Musical Show Album) articles to the archives soon–but until then, may I direct your attention to my […]

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Sixty-Five Percent

The mighty Parks and Recreation returns to the NBC schedule next week (on January 20). During its long hiatus, Community has stolen a bit of its upstart Thursday-night thunder, but I’m very glad we live in a world with both. Why not warm up with the “Jabba the Hutt” version of the opening credits? It […]

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Lust for Life

With the recent release of I Love You Philip Morris, it seemed like a propitious moment to add my Details cover story on Ewan McGregor to the archives. It dates from 1997, when he was filming the Star Wars prequels and starring in A Life Less Ordinary (an off-kilter romantic comedy that I thoroughly enjoyed, […]

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Workingman’s Dead

I’ve been writing for Wired on and off for fourteen years now, and although it’s been three years since I worked with the magazine, I have two recent bylines I’d like to call your attention to. The first is in the current (November) issue, with breasts on the cover: an article on the cartoon Phineas […]

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Funky President

You may have heard that Wyclef Jean of the Fugees is running for president of Haiti. (Other musicians who have gone on to have political careers include Peter Garrett of Midnight Oil in Australia, Ruben Blades of Panama, and Dave Rowntree of Blur in the UK. Rowntree did not succeed in his run for Parliament; […]

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Zen Arcade

The new Arcade Fire album, The Suburbs, is out today. If you’re looking to reacquaint yourself with the seven-person collective, you might want to read my feature article on the band from three years ago: months in the making, and spanning two continents (well, it was New York City and London, but still). No basketballs […]

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Behind Door #2

Writing this Lenny Kravitz article was like winning a prize on a game show, specifically Let’s Make a Deal. One day in the spring of 2004, I dropped by the Rolling Stone offices, checking in with various friends and colleagues. One editor, Joe, summoned me into his office and asked if I was free to […]

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Three Lions on the Shirt

As you may have noticed, there’s a World Cup going on. Google seems to have changed their search algorithm since the last time we had one of these hootenannies, so searching for “World Cup songs” no longer takes you to my essay about that very phenomenon (in my collection of 1998 letters home from England). […]

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Lost and Found

It’s the last week of Lost, so let’s get in the wayback machine and revisit the first season, when Dominic Monaghan was the show’s breakout star–so much so that the producers pledged they would never kill off his character, Charlie! (Oops.) I went to Hawaii to profile Monaghan in the middle of that season; I’ve […]

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Cool Motherfucker

Only once in the past decade has my wife taken the cassette from my tape recorder as soon as I finished a phone interview, popped it into her own Walkman, and then listened to the entire conversation, laughing gleefully throughout. That was when I interviewed Samuel L. Jackson, four years ago. Jackson was exactly as […]

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