MCU: Out Today

Why are you reading this blog entry when you could be buying and/or reading MCU: The Reign of Marvel Studios? The book by Joanna Robinson, Dave Gonzales, and your self-aggrandizing author is available now at all the places you like to buy books. (Bookstores, mostly.) If you’re interested even somewhat in the Marvel superhero movies and are curious about how they came into existence, we are here for you.

Lots of MCU media to catch up on soon, but I’ll give you two big items for now:

Rolling Stone ran an excerpt of an early chapter, about the creation of Marvel Studios—at a lunch at Mar-a-Lago. (There’s a paywall, sorry.) “The relationship between Arad and Maisel started tense and quickly got worse, stopping just short of a duel with sai blades in the parking lot.”

The New York Times ran a review of the book this morning, and they liked it! “The book’s admiration for Marvel movies works in its favor, freeing the writers to skip straight to the gossip, like the relative who pulls you aside at Thanksgiving to whisper about your cousin’s divorce.”

You can find lots of links to big online bookstores and your local indie (if you click on “Bookstore”) here. Enjoy!

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