R.I.P. Kim Shattuck

I was very sad to hear of the death of the mighty Kim Shattuck, the creative force behind the Muffs–the band never achieved the commercial success of some of their pop-punk peers in the early 1990s, but they made some excellent albums and Shattuck had one of the all-time great rock screams, right up there with Roger Daltrey and John Lennon.

I wrote an obituary of Shattuck for The New York Times last week. I also corresponded briefly with her bandmates in the Muffs, double-checking a few biographical details, and so I share with you now this note on her employment history from drummer Roy McDonald:

I only remember Kim working as a morning receptionist at a gym and that she used to arrive at work in her pajamas. She also worked briefly as a file clerk at my wife’s employer in 2006… very briefly. I think it was the 2 1/2 hour lunches. She also briefly worked in “bird management.” I have no idea what that was. Ronnie might know. The three of us always cracked up over Kim’s employment history.

Kim Shattuck, rock star and bird manager, I salute you for a life well-lived.

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