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1988 Countdown #35: INXS, “Devil Inside”

(New to the countdown? Catch up here.) Adam Curry hypes the “Big Bang ’89” party coming up later that night on MTV: “This is the only place to be on New Year’s Eve,” he says. Which was empirically not true, but it is the place where I ended up on the last day of 1988, […]

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Recording vs. Note Taking

I spoke last night as the guest of the Charlotte Writers’ Club about my career as a nonfiction writer (and the strange places it’s taken me sometimes), and fielded some excellent questions about the craft of the job. (It was a lively crew of people–if you’re an aspiring writer in Charlotte, you should check it […]

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Public Speaking!

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot more public speaking. I actually have years of experience when it comes to speaking in public–everything from readings at bookstores to broadcasts on the Today show–but these days I’m letting people know I’m available, particularly if you’re interested in a funny-yet-trenchant speech on awakening creativity via the philosophy of […]

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Brief Blunt Blows

The mix CD is a dying art, if not dead. (Not quite as buried as the classic 90-minute cassette tape mix, I suppose.) I was surprised to discover that it had been over a decade since I compiled Short Sharp Shocks, a collection of 42 songs on a single disc, all of them under two […]

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