Tao of Bill Murray Preview

final-cover-artIf you’re looking forward to my upcoming book The Tao of Bill Murray but can’t bear the frustration of it not being published until September 20th (that’s just a week from tomorrow!), then I come bearing good news, like Bill Murray with a tray of BBQ sandwiches. If you go to the book’s page on Amazon and make use of the “Look inside” button, you will find quite a bit of the book there: you might read about Bill’s Christmas cards, or how he handles getting a phone call when somebody’s dialed the wrong number. Or if you think you’re in the market to buy the audiobook version, but you aren’t sure whether I can read my own book out loud without knocking out a tooth or bonking my head on the microphone, then you might want to check out this four-minute excerpt of me reading the opening section. If you like what you read/hear, you can buy the book from Random House, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Powell’s, or your local bookstore.

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  1. Alanson Clark Says:

    Gavin: Greetings from Tennessee! I edited the audio version of The Tao. You did just fine and it was a lot of fun.

  2. Gavin Says:

    Thanks, Alanson! I learned a lot by doing it, including how the microphones are sensitive enough to pick up stomach gurgles and how I apparently can’t say “Saturday Night Live.” I appreciate your hard work!

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