We’re Putting It on Wax

vinyl onesheetBecause I had never recapped a TV show before, I tried it for The New York Times with the first season of Vinyl, HBO’s lavish reconstruction of the early-1970s music business. The series had a promising but flawed beginning (with a two-hour pilot directed by Martin Scorsese), then it gradually got worse, then it perked up a bit, then it belly-flopped the ending and the showrunner got fired. It’s already been picked up for season two. Free advice to the show’s new producers: cool it with the celebrity impersonations already.

My recaps were not exhaustive; happily, the Times encouraged me to worry more about making a point each week than hitting every single plot development. So they might not be your best resource for catching up, but if you’re binge-watching season one, you may enjoy them as a complement to the show.

Episode one (“Pilot”), episode two (“Yesterday No More”), episode three (“Whispered Secrets”), episode four (“The Racket”), episode five (“He in Racist Fire”), episode six (“Cyclone”), episode seven (“The King and I”), episode eight (“E.A.B.”), episode nine (“Rock and Roll Queen”), episode ten (“Alibi”).

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