Rolling in the Deep: 2/2/16

rs1254What’s that? You say you’re curious about my recent work for the Rolling Stone website? Well, you better start clicking up a storm, because in the last couple of months, I wrote about Bill Murray’s awesome Christmas special, the Beatles’ most blatant swipes from other artists, the musicians and musical figures who died in 2015, and the next U2 album. I also wrote up “flashback” looks at live performances by the Clash, Joni Mitchell, Aretha Franklin, and the Smiths. In addition, I ranked all of Guns N’ Roses’ videos, from worst to best, and interviewed genius screenwriter Charlie Kaufman about his latest movie, Anomalisa. And because life sucks, Scott Weiland and David Bowie both died: I unearthed a never-printed conversation I had with Weiland and wrote about Bowie’s “TVC15,” “Fame,” and “The Jean Genie.”

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