Can I Say Roundup II

canisay2I’m guessing that you don’t have time to check out every single writeup of Can I Say: Living Large, Cheating Death, and Drums Drums Drums, the autobiography of Travis Barker (cowritten by me). But I am here for you, bringing you some recent highlights of the ongoing press coverage:

The Guardian (which I will always think of as a British newspaper, but which I guess has a substantial American footprint now) ran a droll Q&A with Travis. “I like a man with a favourite font, and on page 132 of your book you say yours is Steelworks,” says interviewer Peter Robinson. Well, if that’s how they’re spelling “favorite,” I guess they’re still fundamentally British.

Another Travis interview is an in-depth conversation with Noisey, part of the Vice empire. Derek Scancarelli writes: “The nearly 400-page book is a tell-all story, a transparent portrayal of his childhood, career, and the plane crash that changed the trajectory of his life. It also may be the only book in history to have ties to King Diamond, Paul Wall, and Chain of Strength.”

And if you pick up the latest copy of Rolling Stone (Adele cover), you’ll find a cool writeup of the book by Andy Greene, titled “How to Survive a Plane Crash–and Blink-182.” (The review’s not online.) Money quote: “Can I Say is a fascinating look into the life of a talented, hard-partying musician who has beaten the odds several times.”

Looking for somebody who will accept your money and give you a copy of Can I Say in return? Go to your favorite bookseller, whether that’s Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your local bookstore.

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