1988 Missing Persons File

When I’m writing posts about the videos of 1988, I do what I can to find out who directed the clip, or who did an interesting bit of background business, or where there’s a love interest (almost invariably played by a model), the name of the beauty. But Google has sometimes failed me, so I often end up saying “the director,” “the dancer,” or “the girl.”

As it happens, people have given me some of this information in recent weeks, so this is where I combine the information into one action-packed post and pass on the information (and the savings) to you!

According to commenter “tj thomas,” the model in video #58, Paul Carrack’s “Don’t Shed a Tear,” is one Kendall Conrad, now a designer of jewelry, bags, and other fashion accessories. (“Use the Kendall Conrad accessories wall thoughtfully!”)

Another brunette model, the female star of video #83, Icehouse’s “Electric Blue,” is apparently the Australian actress Cassandra Delaney, briefly married to John Denver.

And the bartender in video #39 (Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”) who stole the show with his dance moves, prompting me to write, “Man, I hope whoever played the bartender parlayed this video into a West End show or an Olympics medal or something”? Turns out he was Clive Clarke, an alumnus of the Top of the Pops dance troupe called Zoo (which also featured a young “Downtown” Julie Brown).

Kendall Conrad, Cassandra Delaney, and Clive Clarke, I salute you all for your services on the frontlines of 1988 video.

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    Thank you for the shout out

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