Buried Treasure

fannyhillI got this crazy idea some months back: I would read every record review printed by Rolling Stone in the 1970s and compile a list of the albums that had gotten rave reviews but were now obscure or forgotten. (It was inspired by a similar feature they did last year for the 60s–but the magazine wasn’t around for most of that decade.) It turned out to be a lot of fun, but much more time-consuming than expected, even skimming most of the reviews. By the end of it, I had a list of 100 albums that most people, even music fans, wouldn’t know. (I listened to most of them, but I was basing my decisions off what Rolling Stone‘s reviewers had said at the time, not my own personal taste.)

We divided them up by genre: rock, blues, R&B, folk, country, singer-songwriter, jazz, weird stuff. Go check them out and then go do some listening! (My personal favorite: Fanny.)

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