Live Aid-a-versary

Thirty years ago today, lots of bands played in an epic concert in both London and Philadelphia, seeking to do something about famine in Africa (with mixed results).

Two years ago, I wrote up a list of the some of the Live Aid highlights that might jog memories (or send you down the YouTube rabbit hole).

Last year, I did a blow-by-blow writeup of U2’s performance of “Bad.”

Nothing new this year (moving across the country will do that), but I have a special project planned for next year. Now go watch Bowie’s set!

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2 Comments on Live Aid-a-versary

  1. Jane Terry Says:

    Just discovered your site, not even sure how. Love it. And thank you for the Bowie clip, he’s been my favorite for years now, I can’t even remember the first album I had, but Maids on Bond street was on it….Now I think I will have to go through my old vinyls to find it. Shoot, now I am going to have to go find a record player… oh, and speakers. Gotta do it. This makes me want to hear that again.

  2. Jared Bradford Says:

    I still think one of the highlights is one that’s least talked about. Alison Moyet (that voice!) and Paul Young. “That’s The Way Love Is”

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