Twenty_Feet_From_Stardom_posterLast night’s Oscars were almost exactly the baseline of what one can expect from the show: a few surprises (but not too many), a middle-of-the-road hosting job by Ellen (neither exceptionally bad or good, which was a pleasant change after some recent hosting debacles), a reminder to catch up on some of last year’s movies before they forever go into the Netflix queue. (Plus a glorious and well-deserved triumph for 20 Feet from Stardom.) Before we all agree to put this recent batch of awards shows into the memory hole, a few relevant dispatches: (1) My rundown of who was closest to EGOT now requires an update, since Robert Lopez has completed the show-biz grand slam. (2) Jared Leto, who pretty much began his awards season by sitting down with me, ended it last night with an Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club. The Rolling Stone website has both my profile of Leto and an extended Q&A.

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