Rolling in the Deep, 12/27/13

songskeylifeFor your reading pleasure, some of my writing for the Rolling Stone website in the past month. I attended the annual KROQ Christmas show, with eighteen bands playing over two evenings. Night one had more guitar oriented-bands, such as Queens of the Stone Age and Vampire Weekend, while night two had more dance music, such as the great Capital Cities, and finished with the Arcade Fire. I hung out in the kitchen of Stevie Nicks and interviewed her about American Horror Story (there’ll be more material coming from that interview soon). I interviewed Snoopzilla and his collaborator Dam Funk, and got a contact high just by being in the same room (no lie). And I had the great privilege of attending Stevie Wonder’s three-hour performance of all 21 compositions on Songs in the Key of Life (plus an extra unreleased song, possibly from the Key of Life sessions, called “Living for Your Love.”) A moment that didn’t make it into that writeup: John Mayer leaving the stage, and without thinking, waving goodbye to Stevie.

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