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Rolling in the Deep, 12/27/13

For your reading pleasure, some of my writing for the Rolling Stone website in the past month. I attended the annual KROQ Christmas show, with eighteen bands playing over two evenings. Night one had more guitar oriented-bands, such as Queens of the Stone Age and Vampire Weekend, while night two had more dance music, such […]

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Merry Christmas, Baby

You may have missed this one: I recently compiled forty of the greatest Christmas albums of all time for the Rolling Stone website. I wanted to include albums that rewarded repeated plays, not wacky Yuletide novelties–which means that I didn’t include Bob Dylan’s Christmas in the Heart, even though I really wanted to use my […]

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Year-End Roundup Mania!

It’s the time of year when some people celebrate the holidays with loved ones, some contemplate their plans for the year to come, and some compile top-ten lists. I’m pleased to see that VJ has made a couple of year-end lists of people’s favorite music books in 2013. (There aren’t exactly ten on either list–they […]

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Friday Foto Flashback: The Gates

The Gates was a 2005 installation by Christo and Jeanne-Claude in New York City’s Central Park. I just stumbled on this photo in my archives and it made me happy, so here it is. Have a great weekend.

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Historic Billy Joel Update

It turns out that the historic Billy Joel announcement was actually that he’s going to be doing a monthly concert at Madison Square Garden for the foreseeable future: at least four months, very possibly thirty or more. And here I was hoping that he’d reveal that Sgt. O’Leary, who at night becomes a bartender, is […]

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