Top Five Settings in Cyndi Lauper’s “She Bop” Video

1. “Burger Klone,” the fast-food restaurant serving biker gangs and lines of zombie-like (presumably non-masturbating) customers.
2. “Uncle Siggy’s Masterbingo,” a game show hosted by Freud–Lauper is a big winner.
3. A cartoon landscape, brilliantly animated by Gary Panter of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse Mark Marek in a mode only slightly less realistic than Lauper herself.
4. A police station, where Lauper triumphantly breaks free from her handcuffs.
5. A large white staircase in the mode of a classic movie musical, where Lauper (in a white top hat) and dozens of extras do a rudimentary dance number.

(Correction on the animation credit courtesy of the great Gary Panter himself.) For insider Cyndi Lauper knowledge, including an up-close look at her journey into the heart of wrestling, check out VJ, the book I wrote with Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter, and Martha Quinn, coming out May 7th. You can order it now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Powell’s.

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5 Comments on Top Five Settings in Cyndi Lauper’s “She Bop” Video

  1. Chris Molanphy Says:

    Obligatory Cap’n Lou and Cyndi’s mom cameos for the win.

    The opening death-march of Burger Klone patrons in the summer of 1984 suggests Cyndi’s video producers gave Steve Jobs the idea for the worst Apple ad ever:

  2. gary panter Says:

    The animation in this video was done by my friend Mark Marek who used to have a monthly strip in the National Lampoon called Hercules In North America. I had nothing to do with it. Credit to Mark, please.

  3. Gavin Says:

    Hi, Gary! My apologies (and much respect) to both you and Mark–I just fixed it.

  4. gary panter Says:

    Thank you, Gavin.

  5. Gavin Says:

    I don’t know Mark’s work as well as I should–the piece I remember best was the comic strip that was included in the Rolling Stones’ Dirty Work album–but still, I have eyes, so I should be able to get something like this straight! Thanks for being gracious about it.

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