Oscar Immersion Mode

With the Oscar nominees being announced today, may I offer you the interviews I’ve done with some of them? I spoke with George Clooney (Actor in a Leading Role, The Descendants; Screenplay, The Ides of March) in 2005, around the time of Syriana. Just a few weeks back, I got Kirk Baxter and Angus Wall (Film Editing, The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo) to break down a Dragon Tattoo sequence. And in September, I had lunch with Melissa McCarthy (Actress in a Supporting Role, Bridesmaids); I’ve just added the complete text of the resulting article to the archives. All of them were delightful people–so I am counting on them to crush their rivals without mercy.

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  1. Rob Says:

    best George Clooney interview ever!

    I always love these wise words: “To me, the idea is to gamble on yourself. Take no money, have a percentage of the back end: if the movie makes money, you make money. If not, well, you’ve made the movie.”

  2. Gavin Says:

    Thank you! It’s funny that piece turned out even half-decent, really. The odds were against it in many ways: it was in the middle of a press junket he was doing, and I was almost blind with jetlag and exhaustion, having arrived back in NYC from New Zealand only hours before. But (a) we clicked pretty well (b) he’s a total professional (and a smart guy).

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