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Friday Foto: Astronomers Monument

Just outside of Griffith Observatory, there’s an amazing piece of WPA art (technically PWAP, actually, but sponsored by the New Deal). The sculpture features six astronomers: Hipparchus, Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Newton, and Herschel.

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The Boogie-Woogie Flu

Howdy. We were out of commission for a little while here at Rule Forty-Two, because the site’s database got hacked (like many other sites running on WordPress recently), redirecting readers to a malware site such as, and possibly trying to entice you to click on a fake Windows Virus Scan. Everything should be working […]

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Andy Warhol, Pusherman

Time for another excerpt from The Andy Warhol Diaries. Jade is the daughter of Bianca and Mick Jagger. Sunday, January 8, 1978 I read The New York Times at Halston’s, he was at the office. Someone called Bianca and she was on the phone for an hour talking about her problems… she was talking about […]

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Friday Foto: Stanchion

Taken a few days ago, on a walk through Runyon Canyon. That’s part of an abandoned cement court, used years ago for both tennis and basketball.

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1988 Countdown: Commercial Break #20

MTV station ID: we see the MTV logo, barely visible in outline, while a geyser of water spouts from left to right. Then white steam condenses on black rocks, again with the invisible logo–the sections in the M, the TV, and outside the logo were filmed at the same spot, but at different times. Third […]

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Behind Door #2

Writing this Lenny Kravitz article was like winning a prize on a game show, specifically Let’s Make a Deal. One day in the spring of 2004, I dropped by the Rolling Stone offices, checking in with various friends and colleagues. One editor, Joe, summoned me into his office and asked if I was free to […]

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Friday Foto: Make Wine From Your Tears

What’s Czech for “manhole cover”? I know, it should really be a lamppost.

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1988 Countdown #52: INXS, “Never Tear Us Apart”

(New to the countdown? Catch up here.) Violins saw away as we slowly pan down an antique lamppost. We have time to note the lamppost’s broken pane of glass, its ironwork, and the details of its patina. This shot lasts, no lie, twenty seconds, as if INXS want to destroy MTV’s reputation for quick-cut editing […]

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It Means So Much to Me, Like a Birthday or a Pretty View

Three reading recommendations from three talented friends on a summer Monday: There was an intense debate in our cafeteria over who would be the first rock star to make a video where he got crucified and sing his latest hit from up on the cross. Flynn thought it would be Ozzy. I argued for Billy […]

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Friday Foto: Prague

Another picture of the Prague Astronomical Clock. My reasons for posting this will become clearer next week.

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