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rs1105.jpgI have a short article on pages 52 and 53 of the new issue of Rolling Stone, a profile of the extremely nice Will Forte: former sitcom writer, current Saturday Night Live cast member, and star of the upcoming movie MacGruber. (Which oddly enough, also includes Val Kilmer and Ryan Phillippe in the cast.) As usual with my Rolling Stone work, you can’t read it freely online. What’s new is that for $30/year, you can get an “all access” pass and read the magazine online (plus gain access to the complete archives, and get the paper magazine sent to your home).

In case you’re wondering, the 1988 countdown will resume next week. I took some time off because of a huge amount of work, and then I took a little more for reasons of good taste: the next video in the countdown is a Poison clip, and I didn’t want to be making fun of Bret Michaels if he was on his deathbed. I’m happy to hear he seems to be headed towards a full recovery.

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  1. azul120 Says:

    Yeah, good call on stalling on the countdown for now in light of the Bret Michaels thing. BTW, would it be possible for you to go into doing two video entries per week? Again, I’d hate to rush you. It’s just that there’s been no shortage of non-video weeks. BTW, I found a list of MTV’s Top 100 of the ’80s countdown somewhere online, so I will be able to add some comments pertinent to that as well.

    Been off the RS bandwagon for awhile, but that Will Forte article sounds like an awesome read. Will never fails to make me laugh. Did you happen to catch him the other week on 30 Rock as Jenna’s new squeeze? Good times.

    I hope this year’s election season marks the return of Senator Tim Calhoun.

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