Friday Foto: Flipwalk #47

I’ve been working on the flipwalk project for almost six years now. The first time I left my house with a coin and a camera was back in July 2004: I walked for an hour, then stopped and took pictures of where I had ended up. I wasn’t sure what I had started, but it ended up being very important to me, even after I left downtown Manhattan for the other side of the country.

After fifteen months of photographs and fifty months of assembling the results, I’ve reached the penultimate flipwalk. When I was doing the walks, I tried not to look at my watch as the hour ran out, wanting to be surprised by the timer, not disappointed by having passed something that seemed particularly visual five minutes earlier. Now that the whole thing’s almost over, I’m trying not to look at my watch again.


That’s a teaser image, of course. For the complete picture, and the story of how I got there, click here.

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