Receiving Department, 3 A.M.

Ethan Hawke’s got a new vampire movie, Daybreakers, which looks like one of Hawke’s periodic stabs at doing a smarter version of an action movie. (Those efforts don’t usually pan out the way anyone involved had hoped for.)

But it seemed like a good excuse for adding this article to the archives, detailing a late-night interview I did with Hawke in Toronto (while he was filming Assault on Precinct 13, another one of those stabs), drinking wine and eating Tofutti sandwiches. Happily, the piece was pegged to a much better movie, Before Sunset.

Not included in this piece for space reasons: our discussion of The 12-Year Project (possibly now titled Boyhood), the film he’s making with Richard Linklater tracking the life of a six-year-old boy up through high-school graduation. Due to be completed in 2013, it’ll be a compilation of a dozen ten-minute shorts, one shot each year. Ellar Salmon plays the boy; Hawke and Patricia Arquette play his parents. Hawke mused, “All of Rick’s movies work in some way on the notion of time.”

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