1988 Countdown: #61-70 Roundup


In case you’re just joining us: I found some old videotapes of MTV’s year-end countdown of their top 100 videos. From 1988. Naturally, I’m working my way through the tapes, writing about each video (and commercial break). It’s taking longer than originally planned, but I march onward, fueled by the power of mullets and Kevin Seal.

Here’s the fourth hour:

#61: Heart, “There’s the Girl”

#62: John Cougar Mellencamp, “Check It Out”

#63: George Michael, “Monkey”

#64: Belinda Carlisle, “I Get Weak”

#65: Europe, “Superstitious”

#66: Richard Marx, “Endless Summer Nights”

#67: Prince, “Alphabet St.”

#68: Rod Stewart, “Forever Young”

#69: Midnight Oil, “Beds Are Burning”

#70: Debbie Gibson, “Out of the Blue”

Ad time: Commercial Break #13, Commercial Break #14, Commercial Break #15, Commercial Break #16.

(In the months since I wrote up Remote Control, Ken Ober died, much too young.)

And the countdown’s previous hours: #71 to #80, #81 to #90, and #91 to #100.

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4 Comments on 1988 Countdown: #61-70 Roundup

  1. Chris M. Says:

    Good idea to keep recapping like this. I tweeted the link to this page; after the Idolator switch I now have a few dozen fellow chart-geek followers.

  2. Gavin Says:


  3. azul120 Says:

    Yeah, it’s fun looking back at the videos. I only wish the recap could be a bit more frequent. Hope I don’t sound too pushy there.

    This is where the more interesting videos become more frequent.

  4. Gavin Says:

    You’re not being pushy–I wish they were more frequent too!

    I’ll try to pick up the pace, but real life and paying work have a way of trumping my efforts here….

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