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1988 Countdown #64: Belinda Carlisle, “I Get Weak”

  Kevin Seal’s getting punchy. “On this date, exactly ten years ago,” he says, “it was December 31, 1978.” Continuing onward: “Okay, enough of the past. Let’s look at the future. Last year, I mean to say.” He introduces Belinda Carlisle’s “I Get Weak” video, mentions that it was directed by Diane Keaton, and adds […]

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Many Rivers to Cross

I have another feature article in Rolling Stone that’s not available online: this time, it’s a profile of Rivers Cuomo, who I’ve known on-and-off for about fifteen years (I edited two pieces he wrote for Details about life on the road; you can read them here and here). If you’re interested in my 1997 article […]

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