High Technology

I don’t hear Dire Straits’ “Money for Nothing” as much as I used to, which is for the best, really. But it came up last week on the Sirius-XM ’80s station, and I thought of something that I never noticed twenty-four years ago–you don’t need to “install” microwave ovens. You put them on the counter and plug them in! So the narrator has a pretty cushy job himself and probably shouldn’t have so much resentment towards rock stars.

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2 Comments on High Technology

  1. Rob Says:

    this is an excellent (and troubling) point. Never noticed it before!

    what kind of loser needs “custom kitchen delivery” for a microwave? and who in 1985 was still calling them “microwave ovens”? (or calling TVs “color TVs?”)

  2. Mike Everett-Lane Says:

    Well, to be fair, you might need a microwave oven installed if you got one of those that are on the underside of a cabinet or above the stove or something.

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