Lovely Is the Feeling Now

Is there anything groovier than the first fifteen seconds of “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”? Over a buzzy bassline, Michael Jackson talks in a voice that’s as close to his natural speaking voice as most people would ever hear (the breathy falsetto was a guise he adopted when in public). “You know, I was, I was wondering,” he says, almost slurring and stumbling over his words. “If, if we could keep on.” It sounds unrehearsed in a way that his music never does–even at his best and most joyous, Michael had the precision of a surgeon. “Because the force, it’s got a lot of power, you know?” (Nobody ever talks about the Star Wars inspiration for this song, but I bet he meant the Force.) “It make me feel like, it make me feel like–oooooh!

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  1. Scraps Says:

    Have you seen k-punk’s posts about Michael Jackson? Here’s one about Off the Wall as the pinnacle of his genius:

  2. Steve Says:

    That little breathy talky bit is the impetus for one of my favorite bits of mockery – Joe Jackson, of all people, on “Night and Day”. In the song “TV Age”, there’s a voiceover about halfway through…

    “You know, the force has got a lot of power… but what makes you think it gives a shit about you? Who are you, anyway?

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