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Friday Foto: The Disposable Society

These garbage cans are all over Disneyland: Every time I saw one, it seemed like a friendly request to be more wasteful. The politest form of antienvironmentalism possible!

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Put a Peephole in My Brain

Another entry from the Andy Warhol Diaries. Sunday, July 3, 1977 Some blacks recognized me a few times this weekend, and I’m trying to figure out what they recognize so I can somehow sell it to them, whatever it is.

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Viva Las Vegas?

Last week, I went to Las Vegas for the opening date of the reunion tour of Blink-182 (a band I’ve written four articles on previously, including this 1999 feature, this 2000 cover story, and this 2003 account of playing for troops in the Middle East). If you’re curious about whether the boys had matured during […]

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Friday Foto: Sonic New Yorker

Taken in lower Manhattan in 2005. Sign of the times (other than the haircut): he’s holding a Discman and a CD.

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Don’t Call It a Comeback

Five years ago, I started work on one of those rock-magazine perennial “Where Are They Now?” features. This version was going to focus on musicians from the ’90s, so a moderate amount of diplomacy was needed, given that the musicians in question might think of themselves as vital artists on the verge of a major […]

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Friday Foto: Thriller Eight-Track

Some readers of Rule Forty-Two expressed astonishment at my post where I mentioned that Thriller sold a small but significant number of copies on eight-track, so I thought you might like to see the following, from a recent eBay auction: (If you want this artifact to love and cherish, there are several more on sale […]

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The Walrus Was Paul

In the archives today: a 2005 profile of the mighty Paul Giamatti, recounting how we discussed his life over an extremely long Mexican lunch in Brooklyn. Not discussed in the article: that Giamatti and I went to Yale at the same time. We didn’t know each other, but he was generally recognized as the best […]

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Friday Foto: Flipwalk #41

Shamefully, it’s been almost three months since my last flipwalk update. (If you’re not familiar with the flipwalk project: while living in New York City, I took walks of exactly one hour in duration, my route determined along the way by flipping a coin. Then I would take a photograph of whatever block I was […]

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They Eat Off of You

The second Warhol/Jackson meeting, as recounted in The Andy Warhol Diaries. The setting is a party in a hotel room before a performance of the Jacksons’ Victory tour at Madison Square Garden: Saturday, August 4, 1984 Rosanna Arquette, the actress, came up and was so sweet, and I asked her if we’d ever done anything […]

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Ease on Down the Road

Andy Warhol had two encounters with Michael Jackson; in between, he did a portrait of him for a 1984 cover of Time (working from photographic reference). This is his account of the first meeting: Wednesday, February 2, 1977 Went home and did some work, then at 11:00 Catherine and I went over to Regine’s to […]

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