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The Case of the Missing Lobster Pot

More Andy Warhol: Tuesday, June 21, 1977 There was a black guy at the door of the Rainbow Room who didn’t know me and wouldn’t let me in and then another guy came to the door and it turned out to be this guy who always tells me that he wants his lobster pot back. […]

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Friday Foto: Ducks on the Sidewalk

Taken two weeks ago, around the corner from my house, a short waddle from the puddle in the street where they had set up temporary residency.

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Send Him on a Pleasant Cruise

Another entry from the Andy Warhol Diaries, this one describing a dinner party. Saturday, June 18, 1977 Mr. and Mrs. Scorsese, Martin’s parents, were there. They’re taller than he is, which is unusual, because kids are usually taller than their parents…. There was a Negro girl with a baby, too, and the guy with the […]

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Prince Val

Lately, it’s been reported that Val Kilmer is considering running for governor of New Mexico. Far be it from me to meddle in the internal affairs of another state, and I suppose Kilmer would be a step up from the guy on the corner shouting at the passing traffic, but hey, Land of Enchantment: I […]

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Friday Foto: Giant Mosquito

Taken, like the Squid vs. Whale picture from a few weeks back, on a trip to the Museum of Natural History in New York City; I then had fun playing with the settings in iPhoto.

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1988 Countdown #68: Rod Stewart, “Forever Young”

(New to the countdown? Catch up here.) Coming back from the commercial, we see a short clip of Stewart singing “Forever Young” at the MTV Video Music Awards. His drummer has some hexagonal drum pads in the kit; Stewart is wearing a glitzed-up leather jacket and gesturing wildly on the line “be courageous and be […]

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Domino Dancing

Trolling through my hard disk yesterday, I stumbled on this short but thoroughly entertaining interview I did with Keira Knightley four years ago. It was pegged to the forgettable Domino movie, but we touched on a variety of other topics (Pirates of the Caribbean, the drinking age, detention slips) and she was much funnier than […]

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Friday Foto: No Parking

Taken last month, on an extended L.A. stroll.

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1988 Countdown: Commercial Break #13

(If you’re new to the countdown, you can click here to catch up.) We kick off this commercial break with the spot for MTV’s “Big Bang ’89” broadcast that we’ve seen three times before. A lot of big hair among the featured acts: Poison, Winger, Daryl Hall, Escape Club, Vixen. But even at age 40, […]

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Birth of a Nation

Back in 2005, before The Colbert Report started, I was lucky enough to spend several days trailing Stephen Colbert as he put together the show with his staff. Colbert’s in the news this week–well, he’s always in the news, but this week he’s broadcasting from Iraq–and since the show is now a pillar of late-night […]

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